Soak Off Sculpting Builder Gel


Create a beautiful, commitment-free manicure for your client with the Sassy N Trendy soak off builder gel, a strong, high-quality gel that can be easily removed using the our soak off gel remover.

Net Weight: 1.06oz

Ideal for use over both tips and natural nails, this thick-consistency gel cures in three minutes to ensure fast, efficient service. Perfect for reinforcing and sculpting gorgeous nails, this strong yet versatile gel is easily pliable to ensure simple, quick application and a stunning finish. Perfect for clients who like to experiment with their nail looks, this easy to remove gel can be soaked off in just 10 minutes and safely removed using a cuticle pusher. Add this versatile gel to your nail range today to ensure you’re able to create a perfected nail look for every client that can be safely and efficiently removed.


  • Professional builder gel
  • Three minute cure time for fast, efficient service
  • Flexible gel is more pliable than standard ibd range
  • Perfect for use on both tips and natural nails
  • Can be easily soaked off in 10 minutes with the ibd soak off gel remover
  • Provides a gorgeous, commitment-free manicure
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